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Broward County Hurricane Shutters & Screen Enclosure by R & D Aluminum Inc.                                                                                  954-922-7294


  1. When Measuring your window/door openings for an estimated price by phone or e-mail, try to measure the opening from the outside of your home (if possible), Also, the width must be first and the height last, example, 75"w x 51"h this will make the conversion to shutter size and pricing easier.

  2. A typical question naturally is, What Does It "Cost"? Of course we will calculate the cost for you, However, the more appropriate question is...... What is the value of Proper and Efficient Hurricane Protection??? This is an investment in which you will begin to recover immediately by reducing Homeowners Insurance Rates (Especially when All Openings are covered), and increasing the resale value of your home....... raw materials are not likely to go down in price, But, this is a one time investment prorated over years of Hurricane Protection and the reduction of stress and concern for you and your family...... this puts "cost" into perspective.
  3. Your Time is a Most Valued Resource when preparing for a Hurricane. Executing your Hurricane Preparations more efficiently greatly reduces your storm related stress giving you the comfort of knowing that you and your family are safe in the event of a Hurricane.
  4. Do You Have Proper and Efficient Hurricane Protection? Many homeowners believe they do, However, you need to ask yourself; How long does it take to put up or close your current Hurricane Protection and prepare your property? How old are your Hurricane Shutters? Do they meet the New Hurricane Codes? Do your shutters fit? Or do you have to spend precious time figuring them out and trying to force them to fit. Do you have the correct hardware? Is any missing? Can you physically install or close them yourself, or do you need to rely on help from others? R & D Aluminum can help you figure out the best preparation plan or each unique person or property.
  5. Most Shutters Need some type of Maintenance, weather it's oiling/ greasing, cleaning out mounting tracks or cutting away trees or shrubs, these types of things should be done prior to Hurricane Season, sometime in April or May (since Hurricane Season starts on June 1st). That way your assured they are working properly for the upcoming season, this also gives you time to have them greased or repaired if needed and you will feel safer when a hurricane approaches.
  6. Purchase your Shutters on the off season (December - May) to avoid higher cost and longer wait times, due to higher demand.
  7. Aluminum porch/patio roofs, most have gutters that should be cleaned out periodically to prevent leaks from occurring from your roof or gutters, especially if there are trees or shrubs overhanging.  It also helps to have the overhanging trees cut back to avoid large accumulations of leaves and having to maintenance it so ofton.
  8. Trim trees and shrubs away from your hurricane shutters, this will make it easier for you to get to your window/shutter for closure in the case of a hurricane threat, and although your shutters may be rated to withstand hurricane winds and impact from wind bourn debris the constant beating to your shutters from a tree or shrub in strong winds is unnecessary.

Visit the National Hurricane Center at for up to date Hurricane Activity, Downloadable Tracking Maps, Hurricane Preparedness Tips, Season Summaries & Reports and much more.

Or try The Weather Channels (Hurricane Central) at for more of the same.