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Eligible Homeowners may apply to the Department of Financial Services for a free home inspection.  After the inspection is completed, the Department provides the Homeowner with a written report of inspection.  The inspection Report will specify the recommended retrofit work, and provide cost estimates.

After receiving the written inspection report, eligible Homeowners may apply to the Department for a financial grant to assist them in accomplishing all or some of the recommended retrofit item specified in the Inspection Report.  Eligible Homeowners who submit grant applications after June 12, 2007, can apply for grant funds for only window opening protection, exterior door protection and the bracing of gable ends if identified by the inspection.

If Homeowners application for grant is approved by the Department, a written Notice of Grant Award will be provided by the Department to the Homeowner, naming the Homeowner as the Grantee.  The maximum grant to be paid by the Department to the Homeowner is $5,000.00.  In no event grant funds be paid for any item unless the entire is completed as contemplated in the Inspection Report, for example, if the Inspection Report recommends window shutters, and indicates the residence has 12 windows, no grant funds will be paid for qualifying shuttering of less all 12 windows.

Upon of receipt of the Notice of Grant Award, Homeowners will contact one or more Participating Contractors, listed on the Department's list of Participating Contractors, to obtain bids to perform the retrofit work.  The Department will recommended to Homeowners that they obtain bids from multiple Participating Contractors, but multiple bids are not required.  It is up to the Homeowner to decide how many and which Participating Contractor(s) they contact for bids; the Department does not dictate or recommend which Participating Contractor the Homeowner should contact.

The Homeowner will select the Participating Contractor(s) they desire to have do the work, and enter into an agreement with the Participating Contractor(s) for the performance of the agreed work.  There may be more than one Participating Contractor doing grant work on a particular residence, depending on the nature of the recommended retrofit items in the Inspection Report, the scope of license required for such work. 

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